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I occasionally travel to Maine to have playdates with the lady friends –4 nieces: Reyna (7), Evelyn (7), Charlotte (4), and Lydia (2). I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite lady-friend sayings and add to it from time to time. Here we go!

1. “Mom, look! Poops are like clouds, they have shapes too. I hope my next one looks like a tiger! ROAR!” Char Faye, age 3 (this one is an oldie but goodie, had to add it)

2. Charlotte is in especially rare middle child demon form today: “I am NOT going with you. NO. I am NOT going unless I can bring ALL my barbies!” Me: “I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Get in the car.” 8/10/12

3. Me: “Girls, if you clean your room you may have one of the special popsicles I bought for you.” (a little while later) Girls: “Okay! It’s all clean come look!” (enters room and sees stuff shoved under beds and in corners; looks over at beds and sees a blanket covering a heap.) Me: “Char, what is under your blanket.” Charlotte: “Evie said to do it that way. She said since you don’t have kids we could just trick you.” Evie: “Yeah Auntie Audrey, how did you know?” Me: “I invented hiding stuff instead of cleaning. Try again.” 8/10/12

4. Evelyn: “Auntie Audrey come LOOK! Princess Leia had babies and she only ate one of their heads!” 8/10/12 (note: Princess Leia and Oreo are the girls’ pet rabbits. It was discovered that Oreo is, in fact, a boy rabbit when Princess Leia had babies a couple months back and canalized them for lack of nest. At time of posting, and after we made a bunny nest out of a box with shavings inside, about 8 baby bunnies are alive and well and prayers for the repose of a soul were said over bunny #9 when I buried it.)

5. Overheard while Char and Evie play barbies: Char (in a high pitched ‘girlie’ voice) “If you want me to go to prom with you you had better look as pretty as Obama.” Evie (in a husky voice) “Just pretend I am as pretty as Obama; I know these are skin colored unders[underwear] but really pretend I have on a pink tie and a suit.” Char (again, high pitched) “Okay, but Obama is way prettier.” 8/10/12

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  1. Lara

    #5 is my favorite. This is amazing!!!

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