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Welcome to Cairns Me Home – the webspace of the Reverend Canon Audrey Stewart. I am the Canon Missioner in the United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway of the Scottish Episcopal Church. I also remain canonically resident in Diocese of Massachusetts, in the Episcopal Church USA.  I’m a very slow runner, lover of dogs, and crafter extra-ordinaire. This website is offered as a space of reflection where I will share my blog posts and sermon recordings as a way of reaching out and sharing the ways that I see God moving in the world around me.

Why “Cairns Me Home?”

Cairns are stacks of stones that have traditionally been used as memorials or trail markers. In the wilderness, one would build cairns in order to mark the route that would carry you home.  These simple formations come in all sorts of beautiful configurations that are created with steady hands and, in the case of a Mainer (ME) like me,  salty sea air in your lungs. The word cairn comes from Scottish Gaelic which is fitting since I moved to Scotland with my Glaswegian husband, Chris, in 2016 and I’m continuing to navigate the cultural confusion that results from such a transition. Through it all, wherever the wind may blow, I will always follow the cairns back to my home on the rocky coast of Maine.

On beaches and cliffs all over Maine you can find cairns that have been built by locals and tourists alike. For me, cairns mark thin places; when I see them I always pause to “be still and know that [God] is God.” It is my hope that this webspace can be a virtual cairn pointing my heart home and sharing the places I find God in this wonderful life.