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If I could live in a library I would. And not one of these new fangled libraries with their computers everywhere and teenagers busy chatting in the corner. I would live in a musty smelling brick castle of a library with shelves from floor to ceiling and ladders to reach the upper most shelves. There would be panes of glass warped from time and brass desk lamps with green glass shades. There would be overstuffed brown leather arm chairs in the corner and oriental rugs in front of marble fireplaces. And it would smell of old books and there would be lots of friendly faced patrons reading quietly, engrossed in the wonder. I would want my library to be situated near a stream with weeping willows along the bank so I could bring my treasures out to read by the water.

There are not enough hours in the day. There are too many things to do and places to go. And there are too many books that I want to read. I haven’t had time to read this summer and I want to very badly. Perhaps this will be a good self-care goal: to read. It took so long for me to get the hang of reading that I feel my life will be spent catching up on all of the reading I missed earlier.

Today I will start a book. It will be grand.

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  1. Angela S.

    Wow! Talk about a drastic turn-around! Your high-school self would be shocked to read this! I love libraries too. I think they are absolutely amazing! It is incredible how much information, entertainment, and wisdom we have free access to in libraries. I am definitely with you on the stream with weeping willows too(which since my childhood I affectionately refer to as long-hair trees). Green, lush, mossy banks are a must as well. And fireflies as dusk approaches.

    For book recommendations, I really liked The Help by Kathryn Stockett and People of The Book by Geraldine Brooks. I also liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, but that recommendation comes with a big huge warning that there is lots of graphic violence, rape, and repeated descriptions of appalling sexual abuse, so you have to be prepared for that if you read the series. You also should be prepared to stay up too late reading it when you should be doing something else, because it is very hard to put down.

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