“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful, and I know them well.” Psalm 139:14

This is a psalm that I return to time and time again. Have you ever stopped to think about your life -to really slow down and think about it. Think about your body first: all of the systems that have to work together in order for life to happen and continue. Think about each tiny hair on your head. Think about how your eyes are your fathers and your lips are your mothers. Think about your hands, the miracle of the way they move even before you consciously realize you have sent them to do so. Our bodies are miracles.  Now think about your personality. The things you love and the parts you wish you could change. Your sense of humor. Your propensity towards pessimism. Your curiosity at nature. Whatever they are: All of them are parts of who you and all of them were fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Now, I don’t know about you, but when I am praying I find it easy to thank God for the people who are blessings in my life. There is often a long list of loved ones for whom I pray. But I do not often stop and pray for myself. To thank God for the awesome gift of making me just as I am. For my voice and my compassion. For my emotions that sometimes run wild, but always help me connect with the present. Today I am thanking God for the quiet breeze, the gentle rain, the gift of rest, and the wonder of being embodied.