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CPE is for me!

Perhaps if I say the title of this blog with an exclamation point at the end I will begin to feel the excitement. 🙂 CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is a mandatory intensive summer chaplaincy training that looks at your personality and upbringing and how those things influence your ability to minister. I have heard it said that CPE is the most painful 12 weeks growth experience you will have in your formation. I am starting to believe it! But, I also see the merits of the program and am grateful for the program of which I am a part. My supervisor and my peer group are top notch. I am tremendously blessed to have found a program that will encourage me to grow organically rather than the old school style of the supervisor/group tearing you down in order to build you up.

Otherwise I am trying to find healthy outlets for my down-time. I got a gym membership and have been running almost everyday after work. I am typing this blog entry from my NEW macbook pro!!! The youth group parents are amazing for having saved the money to give me this amazing gift!

I will try to update this over the summer… but there will likely not be much to say. I spend 40 hours a week at the hospital and then rest of the time I am doing homework and rockin’ family time. I am looking forward to getting back to VTS to my friends who I didn’t realize I would miss quite this much.

If anyone is in Maine and wants to go canoeing or hike Katahdin gimme a call 🙂

All my love,




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  1. Trisha and Jim

    Oh how I wish I were in Maine. I like to canoe, no strings attached.

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