Bishop Bud on the score board

This weekend was the annual Diocese of Massachusetts convention. As a senior in seminary, this year’s convention was especially important for me to attend. I came armed, with business cards at the ready, with a goal of being an extrovert for the whole weekend. It was actually quite fun. Friday’s events were more subdued with little business and more reports, worship, and imagining for the future of the diocese. It was a short afternoon because Bishop Bud’s retirement extravaganza was to be held that evening at FENWAY PARK!

You heard me right, I got to spend Friday night at Fenway… but you’ll have to wait to hear about that…

Bishop Bud and me… his collar is autographed by Wally the Green Monster!
Dorothella, Steph, and I couldn’t find seats inside, but that
meant we got to eat outside looking over the field.

The most important part of convention this year was the opportunity to connect, and reconnect, with the people who are going to be my colleagues in ministry next year. I was able to sit down with one of my mentors who helped me focus my vision for ministry and think critically about the job search ahead. I got to give hugs to my church family whom I have missed tremendously. I was able to meet some amazing people who are doing great things to further Christ’s kingdom in Massachusetts and beyond. I even got to learn about some great assistant rector opportunities that are coming open this year. After passing out nearly all the business cards I came to Boston with, I am feeling hopeful and excited about coming home next year!

Our view during dinner.

Oh, and yes, I might have eaten dinner in the Pavillion at Fenway… 3 stories above home plate. It was very neat! Bishops Tom and Gayle sang Bud a song and folks told wonderful stories about his ministry with us. Bud is an incredible man and I am sad that he is retiring, but after meeting his family I am excited that they will get to spend more time with him.