I love pintrest. For those who do not know what Pintrest is I will describe: pintrest is an online bulletin board system. Basically, you see something on the internet that you like and you “pin it” to one of your boards so you can find it later. I have several boards… most of which I use to organize craft projects I dream of creating. The flip side is: I never make the time to complete the projects that I pin. This is a theme in my life. I spend all of my time working or recovering from work which means I neglect really important and nourishing past times. That is why I am taking a page from my friend Shivaun’s book and making my New Year’s resolution to “become the person I pin.”

The person I pin is creative. The person I pin is artistic. The person I pin is balanced. The person I pin is healthy. In summary: the person I pin is AMAZING. I want to be more like her. So my New Year’s resolution… which I deliberately make to correspond with the new church year (because I am a nerd) started on Sunday.

First step towards becoming the person I pin:

This weekend after the above is closer to being a reality I am going to make and install floating wall shelves:

And my dream for after Christmas is to make a headboard for my bed like Marshall and Lily’s on How I met you mother. I found instructions online and I’ve secured an old door from my grandparents.

Stay tuned for updates or follow the creativity on Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/episcoaudrey/